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The offered routes consider innovations, terms of carrying out rounds with holding festivals, competitions. Routes are laid as in wild little-used places (mountain and water routes), and on former milestones of a civilization to camps of GULAG (walking route). The last as practice shows, causes the greatest interest in foreign tourists that opens opportunities for attraction of foreign investments.

Development of material tourism infrastructure, attraction of domestic and foreign investments for reconstruction and new building of tourist objects, improvement of quality of service of tourists on the basis of the competition, deepenings of specialization and cooperation in work of the tourist enterprises is provided by a number of rather independent projects. Each of these projects is carried out by the private or municipal enterprises at the expense of own resources. Inclusion them in the regional program of development of tourism will allow to attract additional resources and to have other additional opportunities at realization. During implementation of the program will gain development and all tourist products which are available in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area will be available to the mass tourist.