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In professional pedagogical ethics moral senses of the teacher are considered as the emotional party of his spiritual activity characterizing along with belief a subjective moral position in relation to professional activity and participants of educational process. Moral senses act as means of formation of the personality and as one of problems of moral education. Moral senses of the teacher can be shared conditionally into some groups according to the reflected object. In group of the feelings governing the teacher's relation to the professions feelings of a professional duty, responsibility are allocated; self-criticism, pride, honor, etc. define the teacher's attitude towards themselves as to the representative of a pedagogical profession; at last, the special group is made by the feelings reflecting the attitude towards participants of pedagogical process.

Ethical knowledge and moral views become belief of the personality in the course of social practice and under the influence of objective conditions of work. The conviction which is integrally combined with original consciousness, adherence to principles and insistence to itself meets the requirements of professional pedagogical ethics.

Professional ethics generally call the codes of behavior providing moral nature of that relationship between people who follow from their professional activity. Feature of professional ethics is its close connection with activity of members of concrete group and indissoluble unity with the general theory of morals.

The pedagogical morals represent system of the general and private norms, rules and customs which are among themselves in difficult relationship. Effectively to regulate behavior of the teacher, the system of requirements of pedagogical morals has to possess internal coherence, that is the general and private norms, rules and customs have to make a whole.

Pedagogical ethics are the independent section of ethical science and study features of pedagogical morals, find out specifics of realization of the general principles of moral in the sphere of pedagogical work, open its functions, specifics of the content of the principles and ethical categories. Also pedagogical ethics study nature of moral activity of the teacher and the moral relations in the professional environment, fundamentals of the pedagogical etiquette representing set of the specific rules of communication, behavior manners, etc. of the people who are professionally engaged in training and education developed in the teacher's environment are developed.

The pedagogical morals are a system of the moral requirements imposed to the teacher in his attitude towards themselves to the profession, to society, to children and other participants of teaching and educational process. She acts as one of regulators of behavior of the teacher in pedagogical work. The system of requirements of pedagogical morals is expression of a professional duty of the teacher, his moral duties before society, pedagogical collective and before the calling.

The requirement of society to pass on the experience and knowledge to younger generations brought system of school education to life and generated a special type of socially necessary activity – professional pedagogical activity. Elements of pedagogical ethics appeared together with emergence of pedagogical activity as special public function.

Pedagogical ethics consider moral belief as the moral knowledge which became a standard of behavior of the teacher, his own position in system of the relations to society, the profession, work, colleagues, pupils and their parents. The teacher cannot be limited to knowledge of ethical standards and the principles though they also are a condition of the correct orientation actually – he has to have the strong ideological and moral belief which are the prerequisite for vigorous conscious work of purposeful formation of the identity of the pupil.

The general norm of pedagogical morals is the wide and substantial requirement, covers the most typical situations and submits the widest requirement for the teacher to pedagogical work, pupils and their parents, colleagues that the general channelizes his behavior. The private moral and pedagogical norm generalizes narrower circle of the relations and the facts of behavior of the teacher and opens part of the contents and volume of the requirement concluded in this or that general form.