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Definition of the market on which it wants to conduct competitive fight has to become one of the first strategic decisions made by firm. This choice of the basic market means breakdown of the market on the parts consisting of consumers with similar requirements and behavioural or motivational characteristics and creating favorable marketing opportunities for firm.

Formation of the range – the marketing administrative process demanding special attention from employees of the tourist company and for this reason, the constant analysis of the services is the main task of the organization.

The main criterion of quality of structure of rounds and programs of service is an interest of tourists. The main thing that each round corresponded to interests of those tourists for whom it is designed that the program of service gave them pleasure and rounds were in demand.

Saturation of the market of tourism by various tourist services, bitter competitive struggle of travel companies for preferences of consumers, possibility of businessmen independently to define the purposes, strategy, administrative structures caused need and possibility of use of marketing for the sphere of tourism. Marketing as active process solves a number of the problems necessary for accurate functioning of the company in the conditions of market economy. It that to us is better known under concept the analysis of the market, statement of the purposes and tasks, development of strategy, planning of activity and control.

After a choice of a target segment the company has to solve, what position to it should be taken in each of the chosen segments. Importance of this decision consists that it will serve as a clue at development of the marketing program. Positioning determines nature of perception of firm by target buyers.

That tourist industry succeeded in conditions of high-speed changes, the range has to change with the same speed or even to go on an advancing. Constantly concepts of the population about the best types of rest change, the fashion on prestigious vacation spots changes, there are new resort areas, new clients come with new inquiries.

Having chosen the new formula of tourist business focused on achievement of commercial success by development of the relations with certain types of consumers and increase of the range and quality of services on providing with their special potrebitelny cost, the tourist firm successfully realizes the business idea.

If in a number of the tourist companies business - process was in the center a tourist product and step-by-step technology of its production, at the moment some progressive firms come to a formula of management: the client – his requirements – business.

Anyway the tour operator has to analyse for himself efficiency of the taken place exhibition, having compared degree of the interest in the stand of the operator shown by visitors and level of its costs of participation in exhibition activity.