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Conclusion: The history and cultural heritage of Greece is in nature, the historical and architectural monuments, culture and life so rich and various that there will be no doubts also that rest will leave unforgettable impressions in this country.

One-day excursion on the beautiful city of the Mediterranean - Rhodes where the present is weaved with picturesqueness of the Middle Ages and traces of antiquity. Excursion for people of all age, except children till 7 years.

It is right that Greece through many centuries influenced formation of the western civilization therefore it also keeps the unique way. The Greek history would be incomplete without you and without other travelers who visited there earlier. Welcome to Greece.

Department stores with magnificent goods, workshops, epicures, benches with the fruit and vegetables arriving from fertile fields and hotbeds. Days are full of a sunlight, the sea with the purest emerald water here. Here it is full of places which played a significant role in the history of all Greece. Crete - a cradle of one of the most ancient civilizations on Mioniyskaya's Earth a place with which the legend of Dedala and Icarus is connected.

Crete - the biggest island of Greece with high mountains and gorges. The island divides Aegean and Libyan exhausting, Europe and Africa. The climate is considered one of the most healthy and soft in Europe here. Crete - mainly mountain island. Deep gorges dissect high mountains. More than three thousand small and big caves, many of which with impressive stalactites and stalagnita. Here a set of the sandy beaches and coasts covered with pebble.

Climate of Greece soft, Mediterranean, on the coast the subtropical. The short mountain rivers of the Central and Southern Greece almost dry up in the summer. Only during short winter there are rains, snow sometimes drops out, but quickly thaws. Uncountable mountains and plateaus, strongly cut up coast, azure blue of the sea and the sky - the integral, most typical part of a landscape of Greece.

The purpose of work is development informative tourist routes across Greece that will like fine architectural complexes of the Acropolis, the museum of the Acropolis located at rock top to wander on populous streets, parks and the areas Salonik, to take pleasure in a set of the Roman and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia, among which most known – Lefkos Pyrgos and other magnificence.

Two-day excursion on the island of Corfu. Thanks to rich history, in architecture of Corfu elements of various cultures which were once dominating on the island are fancifully and harmoniously weaved. Excursion for people of all age, except children till 7 years.

The last number of the Central Greece - Etoloakarnaniya, with the capital Mesolongi. In the east there is a city of Navpaktos, the third on population surprising visitors with the old port and beautiful Venetian fortress. From here the road conducts further to northern Navpaktiya's region where there is the biggest in Greece a fir forest. - Georgios, Asproyali also Conducted the purest white sand on boundless beaches of the settlements of, - just that is required for unforgettable summer holiday.