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In spite of the fact that weevils represent only a subclass of insects, their family is the most numerous in fauna and on, reads out more than 35 000 types, and, apparently, the majority of types of weevils are not opened yet and not described by scientists!

One more vital recognizer is the hair located on raising of an external thin skin: it defines deformation of a thin skin, and, therefore, and force operating on an insect and interferes with self-damage of an organism of an ant because of the application of excessive efforts.

The majority of elephants show care of future posterity. Adult bugs on the end a hobotka have tiny, but very sharp jaws. Them the female also gnaws a tiny peshcherka in a plant. This mink has to be rather deep and very narrow that predators did not get and surrounding fabrics were not lost. Here for what to elephants a long and thin hobotok!

All know from a school bench that ants are useful and are friends and defenders of the wood. Textbooks claim that ants eat other insects and destroy insects wreckers. But it in the wood. Having lodged in the city, these bright neighbors found very convenient ecological niche and bring upon people a lot of trouble.

Ants, in my opinion, are the most advanced insects. As I assume, as an indicator of a level of development it is possible to consider a variety of a diet. Ants need both in vegetable, and animal food (i.e. in.

The ant perceives surrounding in the form of dark and light points. The more the fasetok, the is more accurate the image, but their quantity is limited to length of the light wave determining the minimum size of a single fasetka. At ants drivers big one-compound eyes.

On coloring, features of a structure of a body, size and other signs insects can differ significantly among themselves. Dwarfs among them ­ some equestrians, which length of a body makes only 0,2 mm. The largest insects meet of butterflies (wingspan to 28 cm) and palochnik (body length to 30 cm). Thus, the largest insects exceed in length of the smallest approximately by 500 times.

By practical consideration I found out that elephants rather choosy concerning food and a place of a laying. The female long could not find a suitable acorn for the laying in my aquarium where for reproduction and life of acorn elephants all conditions were created. I could not understand in any way, in what business. Each two days I changed acorns. I already absolutely despaired and decided that all my works are useless, and stopped changing periodically acorns, already not so laboriously chose the biggest and ripe.

Ants – hardworking, numerous and, perhaps, the most mysterious inhabitants of our planet. People know some species of ants: enormous kamponotusa, red, itchy Formik of a ruf (red forest ant) and reserved, timid Fuchs's formika. For each look – the dwelling of a special design, in compliance with natural habits and customs of ants.

Moreover, insects appeared the animals, the first on Earth who mastered the air environment and there was it 300 - 320 million years ago. Only later 150 million years after that there were on Earth flying pangolins, and then and birds.

Once having lodged in the house, these ants create the mass of inconveniences. Except meat and dairy products they can feed on vegetable oil, bread, sugar, toothpaste, soap, shoe cream. Successfully get to themselves in food of other insects, attack nests of wasps, beehives with bees, devour honey, larvae, dolls. They do not shun and entomological collections, working great mischief to the museums.

For example, the ant (Monomorium pharaonis) lives in houses small yellowish Pharaohs. About 150-200 years ago inhabitants of the European cities also did not guess existence of this insect. In the middle of the XIX century the situation changed. On sea trade sailing vessels, and then and by steamships this tiny ant got over from the homeland - hot Africa - to England.

Each living being on Earth worthy to be comprehensively described to the world. However in any way not less human life for this purpose is required. I will try to tell only about some species of insects which opportunity to contemplate in live and about which I already had to read scientific literature was presented to me.