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All types of cogitative actions, forms of thinking, properties and qualities of mind of the person are to some extent shown in the course of inservice training. The more often and more stoutly they are shown, the mental capacities of the person develop more successfully, becoming lines of his personality. And high development and a combination of resistant positive properties of thinking define the general ability to achieve objective correctness of the decision – efficiency of mind.

The elementary look – the evident and effective thinking which is directly included in practical action. This type of thinking is defined by a support on already available experience, absence of the analysis of a situation and abstraction, and in these cases is called as practical thinking.

But at a hydra still the lowest step of development of nervous system. Further the nervous cages which were at first in external parts of a body (an organism, began to plunge into depth of a body, to accumulate together and to form small knots. There were special structures – sense organs. They began to perceive irritation from environment, and then to betray them on fibers of nervous cages. Nervous cages began to process these incentives and to transfer them to other body organs.

As the main process of memory it is necessary to consider storing as it provides completeness and accuracy of the subsequent reproduction, and also duration and durability of storage of information. This process can have any or involuntary character.

The analysis of mimic and pantomimic reactions which accompany different emotions, showed that the specific movements of front muscles, special expression of eyes, a certain pose and the characteristic movements of extremities are peculiar to each emotion.

Mark out also specific or genetic memory causing transfer of the inherited signs from generation to generation. This type of memory defines so-called norm of reaction of a live organism or, in other words, the top and lower limits of opportunities of an organism of this look.

Thus, it turns out that each part of a brain of an animal - a peculiar highly specialized control computer center which operates functions of an organism. Especially interestingly in this plan the brain of a dolphin is arranged. It appears that hemispheres work for it serially when one is awake, another has a rest or sleeps. Then they change roles.

A little special form of thinking – understanding at which all necessary communications, the relations and generalizations do not open again the person independently, and are already given in a certain situation of the concepts and judgments reflecting these communications.

The Italian physiologist Lyuchiani characterized consequences of removal of a cerebellum and loss of its function the well-known triad And: astasia, atoniya and adynamy. The subsequent researchers added one more symptom – an ataxy.

Generally, in all four stages to the person there are different phenomena: the tone of skeletal muscles decreases, breath and pulse is slowed down, eyes can make the kachatelny movements. Also such phenomena of extramental mental activity, as can be shown: a snogovoreniye, a snokhozhdeniye, nightmares which the person after awakening remembers nothing.

The nervous system is a system of bodies which coordinates activity of both separate bodies, and all organism, carries out orientation of an organism in environment and fitness of an organism at its change.

When nervous cells of a cerebral cortex are threatened by exhaustion or overexcitation, guarding braking develops in them. But the dream can come and when there is no exhaustion or exhaustion of nervous cages.

The following step of development of nervous system – at vertebrate animals. Structure its other. Nervous cages of this system form a tube which lasts along all body and is usually concluded in the powerful cover consisting of a backbone and a skull. At vertebrate animals the body also shares on sites – segments. These segments are closely connected among themselves as the nervous system united various parts of a body of a vertebrate animal and coordinated their work. Such type of nervous system call tubular. The forward end of a tube is expanded and forms a brain, and the cylindrical part is designated, as a spinal cord.