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Armored magnetic conductors collect from the plates of a Sh-shaped form and rectangular plates closing a Sh-shaped plate. These magnetic conductors have one core on which all windings of the transformer have. Assembly of an armored magnetic conductor as well as a magnetic conductor of the rod type described above.

Rod magnetic conductors collect from rectangular plates of identical width. Parts of a magnetic conductor on which there are windings, are called as cores. The part of a magnetic conductor connecting among themselves is called as a yoke.

Windings of the transformer carry out from or the aluminum isolated wire. At production of the coil with windings the isolating laying is provided:, interlaminar and external.

The advantage of such of windings — small value of a magnetic of dispersion because of the smaller thickness of winding and an expense of obmotochny wires as decrease in thickness of winding conducts to reduction of average length of a of a winding.

The letter A in designation like the transformer means the autotransformer. In designation of trekhobmotochny autotransformers the letter A is put either the first, or the last. If the autotransformer scheme is the main (windings of BH and CH form the autotransformer, and NN winding additional). The letter A is put the first if the transformer scheme is additional, the letter A is put the last.

In transformers of average power is closer to ­ have a winding of the lowest tension. It to reduce the insulation layer between a winding and a core, and also creates the best refrigerating conditions of a winding of the lowest tension on which bigger current proceeds.

For the transformer with artificial air cooling its power at the disconnected cooling is in addition specified. Serial number of the transformer is beaten out also on a tank under a guard, on a cover about input of VN of a phase A and on the left end of the top shelf of a yarmovy beam of a magnetic conductor.

The panel to which conclusions of windings are soldered has to be provided in a design of the transformer. The transformer case (slips, holders, brackets) connects to a magnetic conductor and is grounded. This measure is necessary for reasons of equipment of a on a case of breakdown of one of windings.

The transformer — the static electromagnetic device having two or more inductively connected windings and intended for transformation to electromagnetic induction of one or several systems of alternating current in one or several other systems of alternating current.

the smallest magnetic, minimum inductance of dispersion and sensitivity to external magnetic fields, however production of windings in this can be made only on special machines of shuttle type or manually.

The power transformer — the transformer, for transformation of electric energy in the electric networks and installations intended for reception and use of electric energy. Transformers and multiphase 6,3 kv* and more, 5 kv* and more belong to transformers.