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1 section of the project contains its name which has to reflect his main idea, whenever possible. For example," Green patrol", the Ecological messenger"," the Ecological ring"," Day in the country", the Center of ecological education, "A memorial of the lost villages", "Ecological tourism", "Junior parliament", etc.

Secondly, a way of life (support of the priority directions and types of cultural activity promoting growth of qualitative parameters of a way of life, formation of art, spiritual and moral, historical, ecological culture; creation of conditions for creative development and self-realization of the personality by inclusion of the person in different types of welfare activity);

At justification of object, tasks and functional model of the expert of a culturological orientation accents change exactly the opposite — a social and pedagogical component (from character of problems to technological reception is in this case facultative, it is realized, generally at the level of design and regulation of welfare processes as which subject the personality and a social community acts.

Features of a social base. Audience of an orgproyekt most often — mixed. Therefore in the course of development of the project of creation of this or that public association to characterize personal problems quite difficult — they different at representatives of various social groups. To give the characteristic of typical needs of the person which satisfaction he connects with activity of public association much more effectively.

First, the welfare environment (the purpose of design activity — creation of spiritually saturated cultural space and optimization of conditions of self-development of cultural human life, social group, the territory in general);

— on a social base (to audience the project: it or accurately certain (i.e. concrete category or social group — professional, status, ethnic, problem, etc.) 1, or the audience of the project mixed.

Personal problems can be considered at justification of the target and substantial block in case, first, the directions and kinds of activity of public organization are addressed to socially weakened groups of the population; secondly, if social composition of association — a certain category of the people experiencing vital difficulties

Thirdly, spheres of activity of the personality — educational, production, leisure and recreational, tourist and excursion, information, etc. (improvement within the project of activity of the relevant institutions or creation new).

Told above gives the grounds to designate essence of the characterized profession as welfare pedagogics because character and the maintenance of tasks is defined, generally the first component, and means of their decision — the second.