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Life in Vienna develops hardly. Frequent performances in salons of rich men and in open concerts, tiresome lessons with pupils, the urgent writing of all works "on a case", constant uncertainty in tomorrow - all this imperceptibly undermined already rather weak health of Mozart. To it 30 years were executed. Also it seems to Mozart that few that created. In any case, he did not manage to write the best works.

- It is exactly so much notes, how many it is necessary, your majesty, - with self-respect Mozart answers. He did not suspect that minute that the field of the opera composer for a long time will become for it closed.

But the service for the young composer is not in Paris. Within many months Mozart lives in a dirty room of cheap hotel, being interrupted by cheap lessons. The new blow - seriously ill is and dies mother. Suppressed, it returns home. In completion of all misfortunes Mozart learns that during this time young Aloiziya managed to become the opera prima donna and to marry.

It was a pity to leave hospitable England, but the term of the leave granted to Leopold Mozart Salzburg by the archbishop, passed for a long time. Conceding to persistent requests of the Dutch envoy, Leopold decided to stop by on the road also in Holland and Flanders. It did not enter an initial route of travel, but temptation to visit these rich countries was great.

- Listen, Mozart! You by all means have to help me! - he declared, gleaming the small, cunning eyes. - I need to put such play which would create glory to my enterprise. Wreaths love all lung and cheerful. Here I also decided to address to you that you wrote me the opera "Magic Flute"! I will not regret expenses on scenery, any theatrical effects and surprising magic transformations.

Mozart concerts for the most various the soloist tools with an orchestra used wide recognition of listeners until recently. Experts unanimously claimed what exactly Mozart brought this large musical form to truly classical perfection. The first of composers Mozart managed to individualize so brightly the soloist parties, to force the performer-soloist to enter some kind of creative competition with an orchestra.

- As if I wanted to visit once again theater on the to "A magic flute", - he whispered and by slightly audible voice I began to sing Papageno's song "The most dexterous fowler put Then near himself hours mentally to watch for presented "A magic flute" which went to that evening at Shikaneder's theater.

- Music is written already ^ by Mozart. These words did not cause sympathy of its majesty at all. Joseph II's face instantly assumed such haughty and dissatisfied air, what Da Ponte still it was never necessary to see.

Wolfgang is 17 years old. This is the low, thin young man with thin, though not really regular features, with a large nose. Expression of his mobile person is changeable. Big gray eyes look seriously and thoughtfully. But when they light up fire of creative enthusiasm, the person becomes fine. However at the peak of the huge talent Mozart under pressure of circumstances is doomed to vegetation in small the remote town.

Wishing to help out of trouble of the acquaintance since Salzburg times, Mozart agreed to write the opera, without demanding money, with that, however, that Shikaneder allowed to copy to nobody the score of the opera. In the next time they got to work.

At this time his favourite pupil Suessmayr came. Mozart now demanded the manuscript of the Requiem and began to do to the young man not obkhodimy instructions. It charged to it to finish a statement of three choruses and to execute the orchestration planned only eskizno.

Visited the Hague, Ghent, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and other places. Everywhere the success was huge. As earlier in France and England, so here arranged to children an enthusiastic applause, showered with their flatter praises.

"Magic flute" of Mozart - type of the fantastic opera, new to the time. Her poetic plan and light lyrics are deeply connected with a wonderful world of national Austrian poetry. The optimistic outlook of the great composer to which educational ideas of the advanced part of the European society of the end of the XVIII century were close was reflected in the opera. In the to "A magic flute" Mozart appears at us as the true artist humanist.