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In system of written works of the composition of creative character rank high. Creative compositions are one of the most effective methods of development of substantial, exact and expressive written language. The separate words and verbal associations designating subjects, the phenomena, their qualities and property, their relationship and their action are staticized quicker, more freely in that case when their sensual contents in the form of images and representations is available in memory of the person.

Choosing this or that epithet, pupils found the taste. One pupil picture epithets (for example, "curly milk mushrooms") were closer and more clear, to another - emotional ("cheerful milk mushrooms"), the third - definition ("the last milk mushrooms"). But the task is carried out at the high level if the school student chooses an epithet, but not definition.

It is necessary to distinguish epithets mainly picture and mainly the emotional. Treat picture epithets such which cornerstone the picture is, an image (both visual, and formed at means of others of the analyzer. For example, "a shaggy fir-tree", "web-footed boughs", "sharp frosty air". Carry to emotional epithets such which cornerstone the estimated moment or the known emotional relation is. For example, "boring greens", "cheerful milk mushrooms".